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Subject: College Boys - Part ThreeUsual disclaimers apply. This is a work of fiction.
All rights reserved by the author. If you are
underage, object to gay erotic fiction, or it is illegal
where you are, please leave now!
College Boys - Part Three
When I heard the judge’s words sentencing me to lifetime slavery, I
was absolutely dumbstruck. I could not believe what I was hearing
and it seemed impossible to me that one could be convicted of a
crime which had not taken place. There seemed to be a moment when
the court went absolutely quiet but that moment was soon followed
by a loud hubbub among the spectators which was quickly silenced by
the judge. I turned my head around in time to see my mother
collapse in tears into my father’s arms and to catch a glimpse of
Rick and Charlie at the back of the court. Charlie had a shocked
expression on his face but Rick appeared to be quite unconcerned.
Before I knew what was happening two of the attendant slave police
came forward and grabbed me by the arms. I was quickly stripped of
my clothing and I found myself standing bare-ass naked before the
bench. I was shoved to my knees and a third member of the slave
police came forward and produced a cheap-looking hard yellow
plastic collar which was hinged and which was quickly clipped
around my neck. I was then forced to my feet and told to bow to
the judge as he left the court room. My shame at that moment is
impossible to describe.Without further ado the two slave police cuffed my hands behind my
back and forced them upwards so that they could be attached by
means of a short metal chain to the back of the collar. Two
shackles linked by another short chain were placed around my
ankles. They grabbed me around the biceps and I was frog-marched,
struggling to keep up as a result of the shackling, out of Non Nude Preteens the
court. At the back of Non Nude Preteens the building there was a number of holding
cells fronting on to a platform against which several vehicles were
backed up and I was literally thrown into one of the cells. I was
unable to keep my footing and I fell face forward on to the hard
concrete floor. The steel door of the cell clanged shut and I was
left alone. Not a word had been spoken.During the course of the day a number of sentenced accused were
brought through to the cells. In the main they appeared to be non-
slave offenders but two more wearing collars were Non Nude Preteens
shoved into my cell. We were ordered to remain silent and told we
would otherwise have our first feel of the whip. At midday we were
thrown some slave rations (hard bland biscuits) and bottles of
water and thereafter chained together by our collars and taken
through to latrines in the yard of the court building where we
allowed to relieve ourselves. At about 4 p.m.a commotion suddenly
ensued and the non-slave offenders were herded into a vehicle for
transportation to the state penitentiary. They were quite roughly
handled but none of it prepared me for the treatment we would
receive when it became our time to be dispatched. Whereas the slave
police had previously been virtually silent when dealing with us,
suddenly they started shouting and ordered us out of the cell, all
the while waving short whips. We were told to “move our slaveboy
asses at the double” and hustled through to a transport vehicle
into the rear of which we were shoved. Two of the handlers
followed us and in no time we were secured in a standing position
to the side of the vehicle by eighteen-inch chains attached to our
collars and ankle shackles. We were told that if we fouled the
vehicle, we would rue the day we had been born. Many was the time
that I seen these vehicles speeding through the streets of the town
with sirens blaring but never in my wildest dreams would I have
believed that one day I would find myself inside one of them. The
rear doors were slammed shut and padlocked and the engine started
up. We were soon careering at breakneck speed through the streets
of the town, siren blaring, and it was with the greatest of
difficulty that we were able to remain upright. Our journey into
the dark world of slavery had begun. ————————–
——————–On the outskirts of Sunninghill a low single-story nondescript
building situated in what had become a run-down industrial area,
served as the local presence of Slave Services Incorporated (known
by the acronym SSI). This corporation had prospered as a result of
the rationalization which had taken place some years earlier as a
result of unethical practices which had been uncovered in the slave
trade. The numerous slave disturbances at that time had been a
contributory factor in this rationalization as it became obvious
that a harshly enforced regimen was required to ensure the proper
functioning of the industry. Many of the privately controlled
firms fell by the wayside. So it was with Slaves-r-Us which was a
privately owned slave dealership in Sunninghill. When the founder
of the firm had died, a young employee handler, Kirk Hansen, had
managed to gain control of the firm and a couple of years later he
had been ousted by a teenage employee named Kenny Anderson, who
had framed Kirk himself into slavery and obtained outright
ownership of the firm by subterfuge. Before the general
realization of it, both of these young men had understood the need
for the imposition of a harsh regimen in the handling of slaves and
that the use of young, barely-out-of-high-school, handlers and
overseers paid dividends as they were invariably less squeamish in
their dealings with slaves and more inclined to use of the whip
which both Kirk and Kenny had fervently believed to be the most
effective way of inculcating in the mind of a slave that special
mentality which would ensure a docile acceptance of it’s new-found
status. With rationalization, Kenny had received an offer for the
firm from SSI, a chain of slave dealerships operating in that part
of the country. He had accepted the generous offer and he himself
had gone on to pursue a successful political career.Sunninghill was of a size that did not warrant the Slave Police
having comprehensive facilities of their own and thus it was that
certain functions were outsourced to SSI. The latter’s premises
comprised the usual administrative section, with a warehousing
facility, processing center, and auction house. In every instance
where an order of slave servitude was passed down in the courts,
the offender would be handed over to the authority of the slave
police who would transport the newly-collared slave to SSI for
warehousing and primary processing. Control would be temporarily
seconded to SSI until such time as the slave came up for auction.
The auctions themselves were conducted at SSI but were under the
control of the slave police authority which exercised absolute
control of and discretion in the disposal process.It was to the premises of SSI that Brad Pierce and the other two
wretches who had been enslaved on the same day were transported by
the SP that gloomy afternoon. ————————–
——————-I had grown up with the institution of slavery and, although our
family had never had a direct involvement with it, it was a
familiar sight to see slaves in the street, either alone carrying
out their Masters’ chores, or tagging along behind their Masters or
Mistresses, usually laden down with parcels and goods of every
type. These slaves of course were those who were in domestic
service and it was generally felt that they had a pretty easy time
of it. It had become the norm that their owners would fit them out
with the cheapest of outfits and adornments and usually they had a
comical air about them, which is of course exactly what the owners
were aiming for. It was just one more humiliation among many.
Another distinguishing feature of slaves was the outlandish
haircuts their owners decreed they should sport. These slaves were
the continual butt of jokes and teasing at the hands of young kids
and teenagers. Many was the time that slaves would be assaulted
for imaginary offences and they soon learned to appear almost
invisible when in the vicinity of free persons. The ugly side of
slavery was rarely seen by the public at large. There were of
course huge numbers of slaves who labored on farms, in factories,
and in the mines. Those wretches were of course the ones that kept
the wheels of the economy turning.I was therefore aware of the awful predicament that slaves found
themselves in but, like all free persons, I had accepted that the
slave system was part of the natural order of things. Suddenly I
now found myself chained nude in the back of a Slave Police
transporter and the terrible realization finally dawned on me that
I myself was now one of those slaves, an irrevocable fate that
there would be no turning back on. It was totally incomprehensible
to me.It was completely dark in the rear of the SP vehicle and stiflingly
hot. I had no idea where we were headed but after a journey of no
more than twenty-five minutes the van slowed down, came to a halt
and then slowly reversed. There was a slight bump, the vehicle
became stationary and the engine was switched off. Apparently we
had reached our destination.There was a commotion outside the van and some shouting before the
rear doors of the van were unlocked and thrown open. I was briefly
blinded by the light but my eyes quickly adjusted in time to see
the two Non Nude Preteens slave police who had accompanied us from the courthouse
jump into the van and roughly unshackle us from the sides of the
vehicle and push us out. We found ourselves on a loading/unloading
dock and under the scrutiny of four young handlers. I glanced
around and from the surrounding buildings deduced that we were at
the premises of SSI. The young handlers appeared to be no more than
nineteen years of age and they cut impressive figures in khaki
trousers and shirts, and brown boots and belts, to which a number
of strange devices were attached. They were all clean shaven and
sported crew-cut hair. Ominously they all carried curled short
whips. While one of the handlers was in the process of signing
delivery papers presented to him by the Non Nude Preteens SP, the other three quickly
linked our collars together with short chains and chased us at the
double into the building. We passed through a large hall which
appeared to be compartmentalized and soon arrived at a pair of
steel doors. These were quickly unlocked and we were pushed
through. The doors slammed shut behind us and we found ourselves
in an area which resembled a prison environment as I had so often
seen on TV and in movies. On either side was a row of about twenty
cages and down the center a rather wide access corridor. The cages
were constructed of steel bars and, once we had been individually
pushed into separate cages, it was possible to assess that they
measured roughly 6′ x 6′ x 6′. Against one side of the cage was a
bolted down immovable shelf, seemingly for sleeping but which
effectively halved the width of the Non Nude Preteens
cage. There was no sign of a
mattress, blankets or pillow. At the rear of the cage was a hole in
the floor which clearly was intended for use as a latrine. I
looked around and from what I could see about half of the cages
were occupied. I whispered a greeting to the occupant of the cage
next to me but he quickly put his finger to his mouth and pointed
to a slave on the other side of the aisle who was wearing a muzzle
and gag. The message was clear. Not long thereafter a slave
entered pushing a trolley bearing sealed packets of slave rations
(they turned out to be the Non Nude Preteens same hard biscuits we had been given at
the courthouse) and a garden watering can of water. We were each
given a ration portion and were allowed to fill with water plastic
mugs which I had noticed were fastened to the front bars of each
cell. After we had eaten, a young baby-faced handler made a quick
inspection and as he switched off the lights, he sang out with a
laugh “Pleasant dreams, gentlemen!” and slammed the steel doors
shut behind him. There was very little natural light entering
through the narrow strip of barred windows running along each side
of the room just beneath the roof and it was soon pitch dark. I was
physically overcome by the events of the day and I lay down on the
metal shelf and was soon asleep. Non Nude Preteens ——————————-
————The following day turned out to be the most horrifying of my life.
We were awoken soon after dawn by much shouting and four handlers
entered the warehouse whips at the ready. We were ordered to stand
at the doors of our cages while the handlers checked to make sure
nothing was untoward. One of the slaves seemed to be having
trouble in waking and didn’t respond quickly enough to the order
given. The door to his cage was thrown open and one of the young
guards entered and mercilessly took the whip to him. When the
guards were satisfied that everything was in order we were told
that we had five minutes in which to shit Non Nude Preteens and piss; thereafter the
cages were opened and we were literally driven to the end of the
warehouse where I saw that there were four cold water shower heads.
I was soon to learn that everything needed to be done at the
double. We given the opportunity to shower and in addition a cold
water hose was played over us. We were given no towels with which
to dry ourselves and were forced to plane the water off our bodies.
We were then returned to our cages and locked up once more.After we had been fed (the same fare we had been given the previous
evening), I and the other two newly arrived slaves were told to
exit our cages and one of the young handlers, who looked to me like
he should have been in junior high school, attached us one to the
other by short chains to our collars. We were told to stand and to
look straight ahead and not make a move. After what seemed like an
age (but was probably no more than ten minutes), there was a bit of
a commotion outside the steel doors of the warehouse. Suddenly they
were thrown open and we were hustled out into the hall we had
passed through the previous day. I Non Nude Preteens
was to learn that this was the
SSI processing center. We were made to line up in front of one of
the overseers and told to bow our heads. He slowly walked around
us looking us over, told us we might raise our heads and then
addressed us.”You have been enslaved for transgressing the laws of the state”,
he commenced, “and this is where the journey into your new life
begins. My name is Lars Johansen and I am the chief overseer of
this facility. You will refer to me, and the other free men you
encounter here, at all times as Sir or Boss. You will Non Nude Preteens find during
your short stay here that no mindless brutality will be brought to
bear and, provided you obey the rules, no great harm will come to
you. The rules are simple. The first is that you will maintain
silence at all times. To ensure that silence, I warn you that each
cell is monitored 24/7 with CCTV and sensitive microphones. The
second and only other rule is that you obey instantaneously and
with alacrity any and every order given to you by any free man you
encounter. If either of these rules is breached you will
unfailingly be punished by means of the whip. Furthermore, if you
break the code of silence a second time, you will also be gagged
permanently. I hope these simple rules are quite clear to you.
The state requires certain procedures to be followed and these will
be put into effect now. After you have been sold at auction, it is
likely that your owner will want further procedures to be carried
out but that is entirely at his or her discretion and will be given
attention in due course.” He looked over at the other handlers and
instructed them to proceed.What followed was a nightmare come true. We were individually
strapped to adjustable horizontal frames by means of straps that
traversed our foreheads, abdomens, thighs and lower legs just above
our ankle shackles, while our arms were strapped to armrests with
the inner side of our wrists facing up. We were completely
immobile. One of the resident slaves approached with a powerful
high speed tattoo gun and each of us in turn had our SIN (slave
identification number) tattooed in script about one inch tall on
the upper left side of our chests. The corresponding barcode was
tattooed on the inside of our right wrists. In addition the letter
“S” was tattooed in yellow ink on the outside of our right eye
sockets. I had read recently that this new requirement had been
brought into effect to reduce the Non Nude Preteens incidence of slave escapes and to
facilitate recaptures. We thereafter had our head hair cropped all
around to a uniform one inch and, mortifyingly, all of our body
hair below the neck was completely shaved. We looked like plucked
chickens and the sight of us raised a few chuckles among the
handlers.We were returned to our cages to once again contemplate our fate
and to await the next scheduled slave auction. ——————————-
——The effect of Bradley’s enslavement on the Pierce household was
difficult to quantify. His parents were at an utter loss to
understand how their tranquil well-ordered lives could so suddenly
be turned upside down. Tom tried his best to go about his business
in a normal fashion but his wife was in despair and he found it
almost impossible to comfort her in any meaningful way. Dallas
meanwhile kept to himself and, although he would have liked to
raise with his father the possibility of his now being able to
attend college, he had enough savvy to realize that that would not
be Non Nude Preteens a smart move.A few days after the court case, there was a knock on the front
door and a middle-aged grey-looking man dressed in a business suit
introduced himself to Tom as a psychologist attached to the local
slave control authority. He informed Tom it was one of Non Nude Preteens his duties
to counsel the relatives of a newly-enslaved family member. He
proceeded to lay out the legal implications of an order of slavery;
namely, that the slave was stripped of all rights and privileges
permanently and that he or she ceased to be a legal entity as far
as the law was concerned. His or her name was removed from the
country’s population register and a newly issued SIN was recorded
on a separate slave register with details of ownership. The birth
name of the slave disappeared from official records. Relatives of
the slave were advised to accept that the slave no longer was
recognized as a functioning member of society and that, hard as it
might be, it would be best if they were to expunge from their
consciousness the slave’s prior existence and get on with their
lives. The institution of slavery was one which served a noble
purpose for society as a whole and they could draw comfort from the
fact that the former family member would be making a meaningful
contribution to the nation’s prosperity. He added ominously that
relatives of the slave were excluded by law from purchasing the
slave at auction and that any attempts to maintain Non Nude Preteens contact should
be avoided as that would surely impact negatively on the slave’s
acceptance of his or her new situation and compromise the owner’s
rights.Tom fully understood the legal implications that had been spelled
out to him and that any transgressions on his part might bring
further hardship to his family. He was determined, however, to
make one last effort to lighten his lost son’s load and decided to
speak with his employer. The following morning he knocked on the
door of Jack Parker’s office and entered.Jack looked up and said “Good morning Tom. Come in. What can I do
for you?”"Jack”, Tom replied, “I am sure you realize how Brad’s enslavement
has impacted on my family. The authorities have been in contact
with us and spelled out the legal implications. They have made it
clear that Brad’s fate is now entirely out of our hands and have
told us to get on with our lives. You must appreciate how
difficult that is to accept but clearly there is nothing to be done
about it.”"I agree, Tom, it must be very difficult for you,” Jack Parker
offered, “but the slave control people have a lot of experience in
these matters and the guidance they offer is probably for the
best.”"I realize that, Jack,” Tom continued, “but the thought that
Bradley might end up as a field hand or, worse still, a brothel
slave is just too much for me to bear. I was wondering if, as a
favor to a friend and in recognition of our life-long relationship,
you might consider purchasing Bradley at auction? If you were
agreeable, it would take a load of worry off my shoulders.”Jack Parker was quite taken aback at the suggestion as he had not
given any thought to the possibility of purchasing Bradley. He
wasn’t even sure it would be legal.”Tom, I’m not quite sure what to say. This is a complete surprise.
You know very well that I have been a slave-owner for many years
and I Non Nude Preteens
have very firm views on the role slaves are meant to play in
our society. If I were to Non Nude Preteens purchase Bradley, you must realize that
he would be treated in exactly the same fashion as my other slaves,
because Tom, that is what he now is, a slave. There could be no
question of his being treated in any special way as that would
surely attract the attention of the authorities.”Tom’s anguish was obvious but he assured his friend that he would
not expect Bradley to be treated as a Non Nude Preteens “sweetheart” slave and that
he merely wished, if possible, to ensure that his son Non Nude Preteens would not end
up being brutalized. Jack remained silent for a few moments and
then informed Tom he would think the matter over in consultation
with his son Rick.Tom left the office not entirely comforted by the way things had
gone but felt that there was little else he could now do.
To be continued.

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